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Protecting Children on the Internet

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Ten steps to Net safety.
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Reviews of top parental control software.
Translate techno-babble to plain English with the KidShield Internet Glossary.
U.S. and international political efforts to safeguard children online.
Reviews of family-friendly policies of top Internet Service Providers.
Educational and Entertaining Links for children.

Table of Contents

1. Why Do I Need This Book?
2. What is the Internet?

Dangers of the Internet

3. How Accessible is Pornography?
4.Why is the Internet a "Pedophile's Playground"?
5. Are Games More than Child's Play?
6. Can the Internet Make My Child Antisocial?
7. What Problems do Adults Face on the Net?

Creating a SafetyNet for Your Child

8. Child-Proofing the Net -- an Overview
9. Customizing Filterware
10. Selecting an Internet Service Provider
11. Establishing House Rules
12. Internet Safety at School
13. Developing Cybersafety Worldwide
14. Safe Sites for Your Children


A. PICS -- Platform for Internet Content Selection
B. Instructions for Using Internet Explorer
C. Instructions for Using Netscape Browsers
D. Configuring AOL Parental Controls
Glossary: A Friendly Guide to Common Internet Terminology

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